Hi there👋

I’m Hannah, a second year PhD student in Statistics at LMU Munich, and also affiliated with the Munich Center for Machine Learning (MCML) and The Institute for Medical Information Processing, Biometry, and Epidemiology (IBE), which is fitting because I am super interested in both Machine Learning (ML) (some people would say AI, but I do not like that term) and Biostatistics… To be more specific, my research interests could be adequately summarized as Bayesian Inference, interpretable ML, meta-analysis & reporting methods, and open science.

Originally, this website was purely intended to promote my career as a researcher and lecturer, but then I realized that it might be a good idea to write some blog posts instead of constantly bothering my co-workers with my strong opinions about everything from why I do not like the term “AI” to why Frequentists are wrong😄 - you can find my posts under Updates.

Lastly, here are some fun facts about me:

  • I have dual German-Canadian citizenship🇨🇦
  • I don’t really enjoy beer, even though I live in Bavaria 🍺❌
  • I got married last year💍
  • I am definetely a Bayes-fan!🤓